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Universal Orlando Delivers With New King Kong Ride and Future Attractions



Universal’s vacation game is strong. Universal Orlando located in Universal’s Island of Adventure delivers again with the new King Kong ride and the promise of future attractions that will please the entire family…even tweens.

Every time I step foot into Universal Orlando it feels like a new experience. It’s likely because Universal is constantly evolving and creating new experiences. With the immaculate details of the Harry Potter World and the new rides and attractions being pioneered by the park, it’s impossible to absorb the experience in just one day. With my tween, my hard-to-impress 8-year-old, and my little 5-year-old diplomat in tow, I once again explored the new offerings of Universal in Orlando Florida.


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The park is changing, but still maintains that classic feel in the details. CityWalk is growing and becoming a mecca of its own accord, but the real power is in the punch of new attractions. You can read up on the upcoming Jimmy Fallon ride being built in Universal Studios that sounds amazing here at Universal Studios Orlando Launching New Jimmy Fallon ‘Tonight Show’ Attraction. The Universal Skull Island: Reign of Kong ride was on our top priority. Being a guest of an onsite Universal hotel means getting early access that is precious and worth every penny. We headed to the ride first and were not disappointed.

Universal’s notorious penchant for details continued in the new Kong attraction. The cars are family and figure-friendly, which means my preschooler could ride. This is such an important factor for family travel and Universal makes note of that in most of the attractions that somehow manages to cater to various age ranges (seemingly) effortlessly. Also, the tall, short, rotund, and petite are all able to ride with little to no problem – again, an amazing fete.

king kong

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The ride begins with a trek past two huge and ornate doors that remind one of the breath-taking entrance to Jurassic Park, only even more impressive. The animatronic creations are incredibly impressive. Dinos and other creatures are detailed and immaculate, which can be hard to pull off without seeming like a video game. Universal created a combination of new immersive technologies that will leave you wondering what was a screen and what was an actual house-created creature.

The finale is a face-to-face with Kong himself. The shear immensity and realistic features of the King will leave you staring as he eyes you with a fierceness that is not overly-frightening for the kiddos, but still incredibly memorable.

What’s your favorite attraction? Please share your must-try Universal Orlando experience in the comment section below.

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  1. Jeanette says

    Oh my gosh does this look awesome! I love going to Universal Studios they are so creative with their rides. This one I can’t wait!

  2. Donna Ward says

    Wow! My family would just love this – especially since my hubby is a huge fan of the King Kong movies – We haven’t been to Universal Studios in years – I’ll have to nudge my hubby!

  3. Cindy Ingalls says

    I haven’t been to Universal is quite sometime. Glad to see they are updating the rides. I remember the old King Kong ride in the back stage tour.

  4. Ourfamilyworld says

    My kids wants to visit Universal Studio someday. They will surely have so much fun and enjoy riding the rides.

  5. adriana says

    Oh my goodness what a fun ride!! I love Disney and Universal – new rides there are always so exciting!

  6. lynzy says

    Oh what a fun time this must be!!! I love Universal, it’s such a fun time for everyone and they’re always adding cool new stuff!

  7. paula schuck says

    I would love to see this attraction. I have not been in about 7 years. The kids would LOVE to do this one – it sounds scary enough for teens.

  8. Maria says

    We haven’t been to Universal yet but I think it’ll be on our list this coming spring!

  9. Anne Yedlin says

    I love visiting Universal. Will definitely have to go back for this ride!

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