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National Geographic Kids: Animal Encyclopedia The Perfect Gift – On Sale At Zulily

National Geographic Kids: Animal Encyclopedia The Perfect Gift - On Sale At Zulily

National Geographic Kids has been a leading source of educational books for many years, but what sets them apart is the fact that they actually make learning fun. I recently received the National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia and decided to give it to my nephew as a gift, and I had a hard time parting with it. The Animal Encyclopedia is intended for the kids ages 8-12, but it is a must-read for any animal lover, regardless of their age.

National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia has over 1,000 bright and life-like photographs of every animal you could ever imagine! I sat down with my nephew Jayden, and he was mesmerized by the lions and tigers, and every other animal we encountered when we turned the page. Before I knew it he was pointing out the difference between mammals and reptiles, and he is just 7 years old! The Animal Encyclopedia truly unearthed a thirst for knowledge in my nephew, and his eyes lit up as I read to him a list of facts on tigers and their natural habitats.

The amazing thing about any National Geographic Kids book is their quality, they are truly built to withstand the test of time. I know in ten years my nephew will be able to pull out his Animal Encyclopedia and use it to work on a school project, identify a strange creature he found in the back yard, or even read it to his own kids someday. We recently went on a road trip, and my nephew was allowed to bring one toy along for the ride to keep him occupied, but he didn’t want a toy, he chose to bring along his National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia!

Learning is supposed to be fun, and the National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia made learning about animals FUN for my nephew. When we spot an animal at the park now, he can’t wait to rush home and look it up in his encyclopedia and memorize every fact there is to know ranging from its habitat to what it eats. Who else can say their 7 year old nephew knows the life expectancy of a chipmunk?

If you are stuck searching for the perfect gift for a youngster in your family, I highly recommend National Geographic Kids Animal Encyclopedia, which you can find on SALE at Zulily. There is nothing more rewarding than watching a child enjoy learning, and giving them the gift of knowledge.

National Geographic Kids: Animal Encyclopedia The Perfect Gift - On Sale At Zulily

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Disclaimer: Tourist Meets Traveler did not receive compensation for this review. Any and all opinions expressed are our own. Product was provided for review purposes as Brand Ambassadors for National Geographic Kids.